New Lego Statues Outside of the Lego Store at Disney Springs!

Dragon Lego at Disney Springs

New Lego Statues at Disney Springs!

Oh My Goodness, Y’all! I seriously cannot contain my excitement for the new Lego statues outside of the Lego store at Disney Springs!  It is always a highlight for my kids to stop and say “Hi” to the Loch Ness Monster, nicknamed ‘Nessie’ by us, before looking at all the incredible Lego creations.

We mentioned back in October that two of the statues outside of the Lego Store entrance in Disney Springs were gone.  They were temporarily replaced with a sign stating, “Pardon our Dust. Upgrade coming soon!”, piles of Legos, and a few cute little Lego Construction workers as well.  Seriously, do they sell the construction workers in the store?!

Construction Lego at Disney Springs

Well, we are now pleased to reveal the new statues that took the place of Snow white and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

First up, Cinderella.  Always a classic!  These creations are always amazing!  The creators at the Lego store are some incredibly talented individuals!

Cinderella Lego

Don’t believe me?  Look at Rey and BB-8.  They are so detailed!  I mean, I can barely make a car and these creators are making life-size people!

Rey and BB-8 Lego

But don’t take my word for it!  If you get the chance you should visit the new creations at the Lego store in Disney Springs in person.  While you are there be sure to visit inside the store.  The Lego store, which is an official Lego Store, is a great place to let your imagination run wild, purchase those missing pieces from your set at home, or just stay and play by creating a creation of your own! Oh, and as an added bonus, there are statues inside the store as well!

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