New Pocahontas Sidekicks MagicBand at Epcot

Come run the hidden pine trails of the forest wearing this pretty new Pocahontas sidekicks MagicBand! We found this MagicBand at Pin Trading Central at Epcot for $24.99. We also spotted it at Mouse Gear and recently saw it at Hollywood Studios. So if you love all of Pocahontas’s sidekicks, you can find their new MagicBand throughout Walt Disney World.

On one side of this teal Magic Band, the lovable and voracious raccoon Meeko sits atop a pile of his favorite biscuits with a happy smile. Behind him, the spoiled little pug Percy poses with an air of self-importance. While on the other side, the playful hummingbird Flit flutters around some sun sweet berries of the Earth.

Many of our favorite Disney movies feature cute, loveable, funny sidekicks that capture the heart of every Disney fan. In 1995 we were introduced to Meeko, Flit, and Percy in Disney’s hit animated feature film ‘Pocahontas’. They quickly became fan favorites and you can now take them with you on this new MagicBand while you roll in all the riches all around you!

Who is your favorite Disney sidekick?? It’s hard to pick just one!

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Paul Coffin