Top 5 Disney Character Sidekicks

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Behind every Disney hero, you will find a loveable, and entertaining, sidekick. These Disney characters may not stand in the spotlight, but they are always loyal, provide comic relif, and often help save the day themselves! The Disney hero and their sidekick combo has been a winning formula for Disney movies for decades. Therefore, I’ve decided to give these overlooked Disney characters some attention in listing my Top 5 Disney character sidekicks! Check it out!

5. Gus & Jacque-While most girls run screaming at the sight of a mouse, Gus and Jacque were Cinderella’s faithful companions! These two sidekicks did all they could to help get Cinderella to the ball while battling the malicious cat, Lucifer, and actually ended up saving the day! It’s hard to think about Cinderella without these little guys. Due to their memorable moments and heroic actions, Gus and Jacque deserve a top spot as one of the best Disney character sidekicks. If you get the chance to dine at Cinderella’s Royal Table at Walt Disney World, look up to see Gus and Jacque still faithfully watching over Cinderella!

4. Timon & Pumbaa-This zany duo provided some hilarious moments and stole the show as Simba’s carefree friends in The Lion King. Their witty lines are unforgettable and who doesn’t know the lyrics to “Hakuna Matata?” These sidekicks are a part of pop culture! For all these reasons, Timon and Pumbaa are definitely some of the best Disney character sidekicks!

3. The Genie-This magical, and hilarious, sidekick has had us laughing since we first saw him in Disney’s Aladdin! Unlike other sidekicks, The Genie was the focus of the storyline as the main characters struggling for possession of his magic lamp and those three wishes! He was also different with his modern, pop culture references and the witty and outrageous voice talent of Robin Williams! Without a doubt, The Genie is one of Disney’s best sidekicks ever!

2. Tinker Bell-This feisty pixie first appeared as Peter Pan’s sidekick; but in the years that followed her debut, she became an icon for all things Disney with her trademark golden trail of Pixie Dust and appearance on the Wonderful World of Disney. Very few Disney characters have captured our hearts without ever uttering a word; but now that has changed! Tinker Bell now has her own movies where you can learn about her and her adventures; and now you can even visit her at Pixie Hollow in the Magic Kingdom! Her timeless popularity, spunk, and magic definitely earn her a spot as one of the top Disney sidekicks!

1. Jiminy Cricket-Brimming with integrity, this sweet little cricket captured our hearts when he appeared on screen in Pinocchio, became everyone’s favorite “conscience,” and sang that legendary Disney anthem, “When You Wish Upon a Star.” After Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket became another Disney icon. He even had his own shorts on the Mickey Mouse Club and today is the narrator of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom fireworks display, Wishes! Just like Tinkerbell, Jiminy Cricket is synonymous with Disney!

So what do you think of our list of Disney character sidekicks? Did your favorite make the list? Let us know!

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