New “Onward” Guinevere Light Up Popcorn Bucket Now Available At Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Onward popcorn bucket

We’re going on a quest with this Onward popcorn bucket!

The Guinevere just landed at Hollywood Studios and is looking good! Featuring the unicorn art from the movie on the side, oh and those wheels? They actually spin!

At the front we can se Ian and Barley ready to go on an adventure and on the back we can even see the little bumper stickers on it’s back windows and the license plate that says GWNIVER. Another cool detail is that the headlights actually light up!!

The Onward popcorn bucket is $18 (popcorn on the side included) and you can find it Anaheim Produce at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Take a look at our review below!


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Ana Leal