New Marvel Magic Bands Blast Their Way into Disney World

Marvel Magic Bands

If you’re looking for a new way to show your love of superheroes then you’re in luck: Disney just released some new Marvel Magic Bands! Fans of both Iron Man and Spiderman will have something new to add to their collection, whether they should choose one or both bands.

The Iron Man Magic Band is red, and features the famed quote ”I Am Iron Man, ” written on one side, and an illustrated picture of the famed billionaire superhero on the other. Though this Magic Band may not exactly give you the power of repulsor rays, it has powers of its own, allowing you to enter the Walt Disney World parks with a valid pass, as well as access at previously reserved fastpasses. I mean, who needs powered armor when you can do all that? Okay, maybe the armor would be great too, but this Magic Band is still awesome for Iron Man fans.

The second Magic Band has a Spiderman theme. With illustrations on both ends of the item, another noticeable feature is the comic book-style onomatopoeia, such as ”pow” and ”crunch.” The band gives the impression that it jumped straight off the pages of a Spiderman comic book, and has a strong nostalgic feel.

Turning into a Superhero can be phone booth-free now. Just slap on one of these Magic Bands and become either Iron Man or Spiderman for the day. Find them for $24.99 wherever Magic Bands are sold.

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Allison Luna