Exciting New Disney Popcorn Buckets Debut At Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland reopened June 18, 2020, after being closed since January! With the re-opening came not only happy smiles of return but some fun new Disney Popcorn Buckets! These new buckets include a revamp of the popular Cinderella’s Carriage, and an Onward inspired one!

Disney Popcorn Buckets from Hong Kong Disneyland

Disney Popcorn Buckets

The Cinderella Carriage design has gotten a redesign! It has the same whimsical style as the original, but this one features her in her wedding gown! The colors are also the same as the wedding coach Cinderella and Prince Charming ride in but still has the pumpkin carriage design. The carrying strap is also pink, with swirls of “pixie dust”.

Disney Popcorn Buckets

Guinevere has also shown up to the popcorn party! Guinevere is the epic pegasus van from the incredible fantasy film Onward. This is a replica of the van, complete with Ian and Barley riding into adventure! The roof of the van lifts up for a cozy place to store plenty of delicious popcorn.

If you need something to wash all that tasty popcorn down with, there are also new round tumblers! These fun tumblers are always a hit at the Disney Parks in Asia. This time around we can find Mickey, Minnie, and Donald!

What do you think of these fun new Disney Popcorn Buckets and tumblers heading to Hong Kong Disneyland?

Special thanks to TDR Explorer for posting about these great new finds!

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