New Galaxy Map Reveals Where ‘Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge’ Is Located in the Star Wars Universe

New Galaxy Map Reveals Where ‘Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge‘ Is Located in the Star Wars Universe. According to Reddit User: IllusiveManJr, We now know the location of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge within the Star Wars Universe.

The new galaxy map features are color coded and labelled to help visualize where various events and travel took place within the Star Wars Universe. The key consists of:

  • Black Circle: Planets in the Galaxy
  • Cream: Deep Core
  • Light Blue: Core
  • Red-Orange: Colonies
  • Pink: Expansion Region
  • Purple: Mid Rim
  • Green: Hutt Space (Jurisdiction of the Hutt Family)
  • Dark Blue: Outer Rim

Based on the map we can see that Batuu, the home of the Black Spire Outpost featured in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, is located within the Outer Rim, hence the title “Galaxy’s Edge”.

The map reads, “As you see, Batuu is in the Western Reaches of the Outer Rim, perched on the edge of the known and the unknown. It is precisely this location that has shaped the planet’s history. Before advanced hyperspace capabilities. Batuu’s position made it a bustling fueling stop for ships heading into Wild Space. With the advances technology and well-charted hyperplanes, most modern travelers choose to bypass Batuu, resulting in the planet becoming a crossroads for adventures and a haven for those who prefer life in the shadows.”

Photo Credit: /u/IllusiveManJr / Reddit/Disney

“Black Spire Outpost is the largest settlement on the planet Batuu, Black Spire Outpost is an infamous stop for traders, adventurers, and smugglers traveling around the Outer Rim and Wild Space. Off the beaten path, this outpost has become a haven for the galaxy’s most colorful — and notorious — characters. Widely known for the petrified remains of its once towering ancient trees, the spires now stand guard across the river valleys and plains and have long captured the imagination of travelers to this planet. To the first settlers, these petrified spires became more than just landmarks; they became the heart of the outpost itself.”

Though many fans have attempted to understand the magnitude of the galaxy featured within the Star Wars Universe, looking at the galaxy map lets us know just how expansive the world of Star Wars truly is. Funnily enough, planets like Exegol, Ilum (Star Killer Base), and Kamino are not listed on the map due to the fact that those planets would not be chartable or featured in galactic records. “If an item does not appear in our records, it does not exist.” Clever detail there Lucasfilm!

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Featured Photo Credit: Disney

Source: Reddit

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