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    Baillie Nitz

    These look just like movies! I cannot wait to be immersed in the Galaxy that I grew up watching and have a toast to Luke Skywalker with Blue Milk! #DisneyVacayGiveaway

  2. 3

    Allyson Blackwood

    The details in Galaxy’s Edge are stunning! I cannot wait to experience it. #DisneyVacayGiveaway

  3. 2

    Renee Resnick

    What I love about Disney is that they really make you feel like you are transported from reality into another world. The details they put into their lands is just incredible! Being there will make you feel like you are IN one of the Star Wars movies. Disneyland is smart for giving people the opportunity to make reservations to enjoy Star Wars Galaxy Edge the first month of opening because the crowd levels are going to be so overwhelming as it is! #DisneyVacayGiveaway

  4. 1

    Rachelle Luttrell

    Everything looks amazing! I can’t wait to visit later this year. #DisneyVacayGiveaway

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