Mom surprised with trip to Disneyland by way of Crossword puzzle

It’s sweet when we see parents surprise their children with a trip to Disneyland. But how often do you hear about someone surprising their parents with a trip?

A Reddit user recently uploaded a video of how he surprised his mother on her birthday. The family made a crossword puzzle for her to play and the answers revealed a coded message. The mom was shocked to read “Tomorrow You Fly To The Happiest Place On Earth.” Her joyful reaction is wonderful to see. Because going to Disneyland is a cherished family memory, it’s inspiriting to see someone reward their parents with a Disney vacation.

Looks like the mom will enjoy her wonderful Disneyland vacation with her family!

Surprised my mom with a trip to Disneyland.We made a crossword puzzle for my mom to fill out for her birthday. Once she was finished the answers revealed “Tomorrow You Fly To The Happiest Place On Earth”. Growing up she always shared this surprise to us and it’s been a goal of mine to reciprocate ❤️ from r/HumansBeingBros

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Kevin Koszola