Mini Gingerbread Houses Now on Display at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort

Gingerbread house

While we are missing the giant Gingerbread house display at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, we are still in awe of the elegant Christmas decor up around the property. Their enormous 40-foot tree recently went up in the lobby, but another Christmas decoration may just be small enough to have escaped the notice of many guests. Mini gingerbread houses are on display near the Disney Vacation Club entrance!

The complete opposite of the life-sized Victorian house that usually resides in the Grand Floridian’s lobby, these tiny homes are not without their share of clever and artful details. The houses are studded with candy pieces and little chimneys emitting cotton candy instead of smoke. They are the size of a gingerbread house you could build at home, but they certainly put ours to shame!

But the precious little houses aren’t the only delicious display. Chocolate figurines are found in the same case! A colorful chocolate Santa stands tall and proud, close to two cute little reindeer. Christmas trees are scattered around the scene, along with other decorative pieces such as snowflakes and poinsettias. A larger nutcracker made of chocolate is also visible beneath one of the gingerbread houses.

We may be missing the enormous and elegant Victorian mansion we usually see this time of year, but that doesn’t mean that Disney’s Grand Floridian doesn’t put on a brilliant display despite the circumstances. It’s unique pieces like these mini gingerbread houses that remind us Christmas will still be Christmas in 2020. With creativity and excellence, Christmas at Disney is always a treat!

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Allison Luna