Kat Dennings Willing to Return as Darcy Lewis for Marvel “No Matter What”

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Kat Dennings Willing to Return as Darcy Lewis for Marvel “No Matter What”. In episode 4 of WandaVision, “We Interrupt This Program” we finally saw the return of Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) since her last appearance in Thor: The Dark World. Since her last appearance Darcy has gone on to gain her doctorate, becoming a full fledged astrophysicist, and was recently recruited by the FBI and S.W.O.R.D. to study the “Westview Anomaly”.

Recently, Dennings spoke with Variety about her experience with the new hit series and when asked if she would return as Darcy in future projects, including ‘Thor: Love and Thunder,‘ she shared that to her knowledge there are no active plans for her future in the MCU, but she is “always available” for Marvel.

Kat shared, “Still don’t know. I don’t think so. I’m gonna assume no, I feel like I would know by now [about Thor: Love and Thunder]. They’re shooting it [right now] so I don’t think so. I don’t know. I promise. Scout’s honor. I mean, I feel like someone would have alluded to it. I don’t know. But anything Marvel ever wants from me, I am always available for them. No matter what.

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Kat had also previously shared with ComicBook.com, “You know, of course, anything Marvel wants of me the answer is always ‘Yes.'” So we are not surprised she joined the cast of WandaVision and is excited about the potential for future projects with Marvel Studios. Denning also shared about how she managed to keep the series secrets and how she separated herself from some of the work so she couldn’t accidentally spoil aspects of the show.

I was shocked to get the episodes. We read through them. We did table reads like a regular show. So I had all the scripts and I was as shocked as you are. But there was a time in the filming where I did do that. I separated my stuff out just because the sheer volume of things to take to work in the morning anyway, you know, you can’t leave your script pages in your hotel room. That’s another no-no for Marvel. So you have to take everything to work. Which is smart. So yeah, I just did my lines after a while and anything Darcy knew, and then I forgot about the rest of it, only because it helps me not be burdened with too many secrets here talking to you in the future.

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You can currently catch Kat Dennings in the Disney+ and Marvel Studios Original Series, WandaVision, now streaming. Be sure to check back here at Chip and Co. for updates and all things Marvel!

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