Jurassic Park Coaster Construction Update

Jurassic Park

Though Universal has been pretty quiet about the construction of a new roller coaster in the Jurassic Park section of Islands of Adventure, the velociraptor is pretty much out of the bag. Construction is progressing, and track is becoming more and more apparent to park goers.

In 2019, construction began behind walls, and fans were left to speculate about the type of ride that would fill the new space. Dinosaurs on the temporary walls were a big hint. Now, the roller coaster remains unnamed, and little is known about the content of the ride, but it’s obviously going to be a big thrill ride! 

One can assume that there have been delays in revealing any news about the roller coaster due to Coronavirus closures, but now that Universal has begun reopening and operating their theme parks, news of some kind can’t be far behind. Anxious thrill junkies have dubbed the ride ”Velocicoaster” in their excitement to discuss possibilities.

Jurassic Park River Adventure has been one of the most popular attractions at Islands of Adventure in recent years. The Raptor Encounter is another experience that fans of the Jurassic Park film franchise will not want to miss. Those with children will also want to check out the Jurassic Park Discovery Center, an educational experience for all ages, and Camp Jurassic, a place for little ones to let some pent-up energy loose before they turn into dinosaurs themselves! Please note that not all attractions are currently available due to the phased reopening of Universal Studios.

Whether you’re a fan of Jurassic Park or of roller coasters, we are sure you’ll be excited for any news regarding the new roller coaster. Keep checking back to see what updates emerge!

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Allison Luna