This Princess Bride Board Game is Inconceivable

Princess Bride

“Fencing. Fighting. Torture. Poison. True Love…” It all makes for an iconic film called ”The Princess Bride.” This 1987 classic is the story of Westley and Buttercup, their true love, and the pirates, princes, and Rodents of Unusual Size that get in their way. Now, fans of the cult film have a new way of re-living the fantasy over and over: a board game is coming!

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Inconceivable! New Princess and the Bride Board Game coming from @ravensburgerglobal #princessandthebride #princessbride #ravensburger #boardgame

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It’s almost as if Ravensburger is telling us ”As you wish.” They’ve released details about the ”family cooperative” game that are intriguing even for those who aren’t familiar with the film (but seriously, watch it now if you haven’t). ”The Princess Bride Adventure Book Game” is played with up to four players (or all alone if you want). Players work together to move pieces around the board and tell the story. Beware interrupting grandsons, pirates, and jealous fiances. All six chapters must be completed, and all cards must be discarded before the game is won. It’s a game that every player wins, and so it encourages a team/family spirit. Inconceivable!

But if you were hoping to order the game online as soon as you’d finished reading this, you’d better do as the Dread Pirate Roberts says and ”Get used to disappointment.” The board game will not be released until October 4th, at which time it will be available at Target stores nationwide. At $25 it can make for a great collectible item or a much-beloved part of family game night. Either way, ”Have fun storming the castle!”

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