John Krasinski Wants to Play Reed Richards in Rumored Marvel Studios ‘Fantastic 4’ Remake

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John Krasinski Wants to Play Reed Richards in Rumored Marvel Studios ‘Fantastic 4‘ Remake. During a press junket for The Quiet Place 2,’s Chris Killian was able to sit down with John Krasinski and discuss the potential for his appearance as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic in the rumored Fantastic Four remake by Marvel Studios.

Check out the interview between CB and John Krasinski:

Chris Killian (CB): I’m with, so I have to ask nerdy questions.

John Krasinski: Please.

CB: So I’m sorry in advance. I know you can’t answer if you’re going to play Mr. Fantastic, but you have to play Mr. Fantastic, right?

John Krasinski: Oh my God, that’s the best… That’s the best question-answer ever.

CB: They’re drawing you as Reed now in the comic books, which is like Sam Jackson 101.

John Krasinski: What?

CB: Yeah. You look like Reed Richards now.

John Krasinski: Do I?

CB: Yeah.

John Krasinski: Can we get that on poster signs?

CB: At this point, you just have to be Reed Richards.

John Krasinski: I would love to do it. I think to be a part of the Marvel world would be amazing anyway, and the fact that people would even consider me for that level of a part would be amazing. I genuinely have had no conversations or don’t know anything that’s happening with that. I’m awaiting Kevin’s announcements of what the hell’s happening with that as much as you are.

As shared in the interview, more recent designs of Reed Richards within the comics are looking very twin like to The Quiet Place and The Office actor. Rumors spread like wildfire after it was revealed Krasinski’s wife, Emily Blunt, was approached by representatives from Marvel Studios while on set for Disney’s The Jungle Cruise, with news spreading that Emily and John were offered the roles of Reed Richards and Sue Storm for the remake of Fantastic Four that would be the first F4 movie tied to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Neither Disney nor Marvel has yet to confirm any of these rumors, but it seems that Krasinski and Blunt seem rather rehearsed in their responses to questions about the potential casting, and have refrained from answering Yes or No so far… Both actors seem eager to work with Marvel Studios, especially after Krasinski came VERY close to playing Captain America in the MCU, previously, and Blunt being very active with Walt Disney Studios with Mary Poppins Returns and The Jungle Cruise.

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