Hong Kong Disneyland Employees Have a New Retirement Plan.

Hong Kong Disneyland Employees Have a New Retirement Plan.

Hong Kong Disneyland Employees Rejoice! It was announced that Hong Kong Disneyland Employees will be able to work beyond the age of sixty on permanent contracts.  The new policy took place at the beginning of the New Year which will affect 130 full-time workers turning 60 or above this year!  That is a good number of employees who can still work if so desire.

Hong Kong Disneyland employees about 7,000 employees, with 5,000 full-time employees and 2,000 part-time.  In the new retirement plan only full-time employees will be able to benefit from the change. This year there are about 430 full-time employees who are currently between the ages of 55-60.

In previous year, employees over the age of sixty had their existing contracts updated each year if they were able to continue to work.  The new policy allows those over the age of sixty to work on open-ended contracts with no termination date.  Which helps the employees breathe a sigh of relief.  Leung Shu-wah, Executive sous-chef at the park’s department for Chinese Cuisine, stands to take advantage, “It relieves the pressure of retiring and lets us work in a familiar and comfortable environment at the park.”

There are many employees who appreciate this new policy as they have been with Hong Kong Disneyland since park opening in 2005.  Leung Shu-Wah is one of those employees, along with 60 percent of his department.  “The new policy provides equal opportunities for those over sixty, who can now decide when to retire according to their health and working capabilities”, states Leung.

Leung also adds a valuable point, “Those with rich experience of their roles would now have more of a chance to train younger workers.”  This training would provide the quality experience and craftsmanship all Disney locations rely on.

Hong Kong Disneyland Employees Have a New Retirement Plan.

Leader of cleaning operations, Eleanor Fung Siu-lin adds, “It is difficult for those over sixty to find new jobs.  The policy helps those who are still capable of working to keep living on their own.  I had planned to stay at home after retiring, but now I can keep working at the park as long as I am capable.”  Which speaks volumes to the loyalty of Disney workers to the company that they love.  “Gone are the days when Hong Kong’s elderly workers were regarded as poorly educated and unskilled,” says lawmaker Luk Chung-hung.

Source: South China Morning Post

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