Grandpa Builds ”It’s a Small World” Replica for His Grandkids


Small World

It may be a small world after all, but for most of us, the world has gotten even smaller with stay-at-home orders from the government. One grandpa from Portland, Oregon, decided to use his time at home to recreate some magical “Small World” memories for his grandkids.

George and Susie Warneke have six grandchildren between the ages of 2 and 6. They’ve spent many happy days together at Disneyland California, and the kids all love “It’s a Small World,” the classic Walt Disney boat ride. Newly retired from a career in auto repair, George looks for projects to keep him busy, and this time in lockdown is no different. As a special gift to his beloved grands, he decided to replicate their favorite ride in his garage. His 30×15 foot garage.

He started with an online video of the ride and used objects he could find in his own home, including paint cans, fabric, Christmas lights, dolls, and toys. The construction took George a week of working throughout the day and into the evening. A toy car served as the boat, while his phone, attached to the top, recorded the first-person visual. With Susie playing the iconic soundtrack in the background, they were ready to record!

The video was posted to Facebook for friends, family, and eventually, the whole world, to enjoy. What has separated this video from the slew of other ”ride-at-home” videos is the complete dedication to the details of its origination and its lack of visible humans, making it even more immersive and authentic. And that elaborate set up will be staying in the garage for quite a while by the look of it, waiting for the day that the Warneke grandchildren can see it in person.

Photo and video courtesy of The Oregonian.

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Allison Luna