Frozen 2 LEGO Display Materializes in Disney Springs

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Frozen LEGO

With the release of ”Frozen 2,” Frozen fever is sweeping the world once again! It seems that little princesses and their families just can’t get enough of the story about Elsa and Anna, not to mention their snowy little friend Olaf. Everyone is singing the songs and buying the merchandise, but some fans take it to the next level. That’s exactly what our friends over at Disney SpringsLEGO Store have done. They’ve molded their love for ”Frozen” into a life-size display!

The characters featured in the entrance to the LEGO Store change frequently and vary in complexity. Employees work hard to give us a stunning project to look up to, and this Frozen display is no exception!

Anna, Olaf, and Elsa stand together, each in their new ”Frozen 2” costumes. The girls are about as tall as the average woman walking through the doors of the store, and the details in their faces and clothes are impressive. Elsa has her arms spread out, showing off a long blue cape, waving behind her patterned and belted blue dress. Anna looks as sassy as ever, eyebrow raised, and wearing a caped black dress with brown trim and details. Both have leaves swirling around their ankles, adding a nod to the film itself.

Olaf is his usual smiley self, hoisted up on a pedestal between the two royal sisters. Although certainly the simplest of the three characters, he attracts a good number of children, some of whom can’t restrain their desire to cross the barrier and say hello!

This beautiful piece of art is currently at the LEGO Store in Disney Springs, but as ever, there’s no clue as to how long it will remain. Hurry over and see it for yourself while you can!

Allison Luna