“Following in Aladdin’s Footsteps” Part 4

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Following in Aladdin’s Footsteps’ Part 4, today as we celebrate Disney’s live-action Aladdin in cinemas, Disneyland Paris is sharing Aladdin’s adventures through Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park! This adventure immerses guests in Aladdin’s memorable moments through Agrabah and through many Arabian Nights! Today we are focusing on the Agrabah Café Restaurant in Disneyland Park, which offers guests a feast with foods inspired by the film!

Agrabah Café Restaurant
After so many emotions (see our articles from previous parts, part 1, part 2 and part 3), what better way to celebrate Aladdin and friends than with the appetizing array of Oriental specialities that Restaurant Agrabah Café offers. Such Oriental specialities are offered in the heart of Adventureland Bazaar.

Guests enter the Adventureland Bazaar greeted by the impressive Djinn painted at the entrance and offers guests the chance to have their three wishes. By entering into the restaurant, guests walk into the “city of mystery and enchantment”, surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Guests will find themselves in a maze of alleys as they feel immersed in the Agrabah! The restaurant offers a variety of tastes and smells from kebabs, skewers, spicy dishes and oriental sweets: there is something for everyone!

It was once said that the Sultan adored stories and used them as a way to entertain his beloved daughter. He always offered a good meal and an adventurous story to go with it. The walls of the city are filled with many frescoes and other references to these fabulous legends, as taught by “L’Echoppe d’Aladin”, in homage to the famous tale!

The most attentive visitors will note that the name of our hero has here only one “d”, unlike the cartoon. This is because Adventureland Bazar opened in April 1992, more than a year before the film was released in France and the Imagineers have taken over the spelling that is found in the original tale. At the time, it was a real souk where visitors could get lost at leisure and discover different shops offering Disney souvenirs and oriental handicrafts made before their eyes.

It was transformed into a restaurant on December 23, 1999, but the names of certain spaces keep the memory of that time. This is also the case of “La Reine des Serpents”, who once offered “exotic gifts”, and now welcomes guests near the patio. The perfect place to relax with a good mint tea while the tinkling copperware hanging from the walls echoes the darbouka, the zurna and other oriental instruments that we feast on!

Tessa H