‘Following in Aladdin’s Footsteps’ Part 3

To celebrate the release of live-action Aladdin, Disneyland Paris has created ‘Following in Aladdin’s Footsteps’ Part 3 as we are following Aladdin round Disneyland Paris Parks. For the previous parts click here and here. This time, we are following in Aladdin’s Footsteps Part 3 in the Disneyland Park, around the attraction ‘Le Pays des Contes de Fée‘.

This attraction was born from inspiration from Walt himself, who had a passion for models and miniatures which has inspired many of Disney’s attractions! Le Pay des Contes de Fée in Fantasyland is inspired by Storybook Land Canal Boats, an attraction created in 1956 by Walt and his Imagineers. This idea was conceived after Walt visited Madurodam, a Dutch park full of monuments!

This attraction opened on March 26th 1994, where guests enter boats bearing the names of female Disney characters such as Jasmine and Duchess! Guests enjoy the calming boat rides and along their journey can admire many scenes representing fairy tales and legends of international literature created by Disney magic, stories such as Tangled, Wizard of Oz, Sword and the Stone and many more!

At the heart of this journey, they find themselves confronted with the giant tiger’s head carved into the stone that signifies the entrance to the Cave of Wonders. Penetrating inside, they discover its treasures, its riches, but especially, well hidden in the depths of the cave, the lamp so coveted, to the sound of the famous “Arabian Nights” of the animated classic.

To follow: Agrabah Café Restaurant

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Tessa H