‘Following in Aladdin’s Footsteps’ Part 2!

‘Following in Aladdin’s Footsteps’ Part 2, today as we celebrate Disney’s live-action Aladdin in cinemas, Disneyland Paris is sharing Aladdin’s adventures through Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park! This adventure immerses guests in Aladdin’s memorable moments through Agrabah and through many Arabian Nights!

‘Following in Aladdin’s Footsteps’ Part 2 can be found in the Disneyland Park, where several attractions pay homage to the Disney Animation Classic, starting with Le Passage Enchanté d’Aladdin, located in Adventureland Bazaar, on the La Giraffe Curieuse boutique side.

This attraction opened its doors on December 9, 1993, where guests can find themselves walking through a covered passage of the bazaar. Whilst walking through, guests can see various windows telling the story of Aladdin. There are nine scenes from the film reconstructed with miniatures. The attraction is home to 35 characters, including 16 animated such as Jafar in both cobra form or the genie! Guests feel immersed as if they were experiencing the magic of the Cave of Wonders!

The decoration of the passage pays homage to the film with its sumptuous Persian tiles lit by richly decorated Moroccan lamps.

And so that the immersion is total, the musical atmosphere traces the greatest moments of the film, starting with the famous theme “This blue dream” and the elegant instrumental “Place du Marché” written by the great Alan Menken. Stay tuned for the next ‘Following in Aladdin’s Footsteps’!


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Tessa H