Fans Start Petition to Save Disney’s DuckTales


Do you believe in petitions? If you don’t, you may have to rethink your position, because DuckTales, the hit Disney show, needs your help! As it turns out, the 2017 reboot’s third season will be its final season. But fans don’t want to let that happen! A petition was started by Alexander L. on to keep the show running.

Alexander is seeking 2,500 signers and has reached over 1,700 as of December 3rd. He was inspired to action by a tweet from Drew Taylor, which is in actuality a retweet of a message from Frank Angones, the creator of and one of the writers for DuckTales. Angones relays a message from himself and co-writer Matt Youngberg, stating that they started the season prepared for it to be their final one. The message states ”Because at the end of the day, we’re all fans. And we’re all family.”

According to the petition, ”This show appeals to both old and new fans and has inspired many people to create amazing things.” Alexander goes on to say ”When this show ends, the fandom fades with it. We can’t have that happen, especially with how much more there is to experience. Scrooge has a lifetime of adventure ahead of him and his family and we can’t let that end now!” He acknowledges that many companies ignore such petitions, but that the stories of fans who’ve been impacted by the show will touch the right hearts. After surviving a hiatus only to end after three short seasons, he isn’t alone in feeling shocked by the sudden end.

If DuckTales has meant a lot in your life, sign the petition here and leave a note. Even if the show no longer airs new episodes, many fans are finding relief in their shared love and memories of Clan McDuck. 

Photo courtesy of Disney

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Allison Luna