Fans petition Disney to bring Flik back to the Animal Kingdom


There’s a new petition currently being circulated among Disney fans. It pertains to a popular Pixar character, Flik, from Pixar’s movie A Bug’s Life. The petition is seeking signatures to help restore Flik as a meet and greet character at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The fans seeking his return to the theme park believe he’s a pivotal part of Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme. Especially since there’s currently a show based on the Pixar film (It’s Tough to be a Bug!) and because insects are a vital part of the animal kingdom!

The petition includes the following script:

“As of May 2018, Flik, the main character of Disney & Pixar’s “A Bug’s Life,” has been cut from the character meet-&-greet experiences at Walt Disney World again!!! Of course he is always be seen in “It’s Tough to Be a Bug!” but it’s a totally heartbreaking disaster now that they decided to take Flik out of Disney’s Animal Kingdom again!”

Do you think Flik should return to Disney’s Animal Kingdom as a regular meet and greet character? Other Disney characters, such as Baloo and Louie of Jungle Book, are former regular meet and greet characters. There are fans who certainly miss seeing these characters, but should they come back as regular appearances? What characters would you like to see come to Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Tell us if you want to see Flik from A Bug’s Life or any others!



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Kevin Koszola

2 thoughts on “Fans petition Disney to bring Flik back to the Animal Kingdom

  1. With how the parks are doing character interactions now, they very easily could work some of the older characters. I for one would love to see a random sighting of Flik, or any obscure character from my youth!

  2. Please bring Flik back to the Animal Kingdom for meet and greets with his many fans, both young and old! Thank you!

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