Joe Rhode Inside the Design and Inspiration of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park


Imagineer Joe Rohde is the brilliant mind behind the design of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. His work has both shaped the appearance of Disney’s theme parks and helped to create several classic attractions. Now he’s offering a video series on the history of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Joe provides details about his video series below:

“Our family has been at home together since March, and life can get repetitive at times. So, to pass away the hours and give ourselves something to do as a family, we decided to create a five-part video series about design at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park.”

“In our family of four we have multiple writers, a director and cameraman, a producer…and a talking head (me). Plus a house full of  (as the saying goes, ‘one man’s junk is another man’s treasure!’) that we’ve dragged back from all over the world during the last 40 years. The challenge is to work with what we have, therefore limited only to the photographs and video clips that I have on my own laptop and snapshots that I found in a box in my studio, plus settings we’ve improvised in our house and yard. Since we are not going anywhere, it’s new #DisneyMagicMoments called “The Rohdes, Less Traveled”…

The Rohde family includes Joe, Mel, Kellan, and Brandt. Together they made this five-part video series of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

We eagerly await the second installment of Joe’s history lessons of the inspiration for Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

Photo Credit: Disney

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Kevin Koszola