Emma Stone Sports New Cruella de Vil Look

If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will!

Emma Stone was spotted at the set of the upcoming movie Cruella at London’s Hatton Garden this past Saturday.

The first thing we noticed in these pictures was her hair, where is the iconic black and white hair that is so characteristic to Cruella? Instead Emma is wearing a short blonde wig, we think this might be for the first scenes in the movie when Cruella was younger to then be transformed in the Cruella we know today.

Despite the lack of the black and white hair, she still maintains Cruella’s excellent fashion sense wearing a leopard print top, furry long vest and hat, gold accessories and a green smokey eye.

Cruella is a prequel of the classic 101 Dalmatians set in 1970 in London following Cruella de Vil as a fashion designer during her punk-rock era and her journey to the villain obsessed with stealing puppies to make fur coats.

The official release date for Cruella is May 28, 2021.

Credit: Daily Mail UK

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