Eco-Friendly McDonald’s Now Open at Walt Disney World


The greenest McDonald’s in the world just opened at Walt Disney World! It reopened as of June 30 after having been under construction for several months. The entire restaurant was built and reimagined to be eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

This McDonald’s has 1066 solar panels that generate 600,000 kilowatts every year, 4800 square feet of solar glass panels covering the outdoor seating area, 600 square feet of Louver windows to keep cool air inside the restaurant, solar-powered parking lot lights, a living wall of Florida greenery, and stationary bikes that power the Golden Arches at night!

Upon arriving, guests are immediately cooled down by stepping into the patio area. Fans overhead circulate cool air into the shaded veranda and the difference, after a day outside at Walt Disney World, is notable!

The next striking feature, once everyone has been able to appreciate the comfort of circulating air, is the living wall that boasts the iconic “M” of McDonald’s. The plants, native to Florida, are quite an impressive sight. Usable stationary bikes and a hand crank enable guests to power the lights on the Golden Arches themselves.

Safety precautions are at the forefront of the location’s interests, as certain tables have been marked out for social distancing. Signs also inform guests about health standards being kept inside. Footpads are at the bottoms of the doors to enable guests to enter touch-free.

Once inside, customers can order through the mobile app or by using a touchscreen. While workers are present, keeping the restaurant clean and beautiful, the need for communication and contact is limited.

The pick-up counter has plexiglass shields up to help distance customers from workers. The entire experience is quick and painless for those who prefer contactless encounters. 

The new green McDonald’s at Walt Disney World is now up and running! It is certain to be a popular spot for guests soon, so interested parties should check it out while crowds are low.

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