Dream Big Princess Global Video Series Launches

Dream Big Princess Global Video Series Launches

In honor of tomorrow’s International Day of the Girl, Disney launched a new global series of videos today featuring 21 inspiring and talented women.  The video series is in conjunction with Disney’s “Dream Big, Princess” campaign where real-life role models share how Disney’s fictional heroines like Belle have shaped and inspired children around the world to pursue their dreams.

Disney has selected 21 women who will be sharing their own personal stories, trials, and tribulations in this video series and in collaboration with the Girl Up UN Foundation initiative which will be shared across Disney’s global social media. Disney’s campaign goal is to hit a $1 million dollar donation to Girl Up.

These 21 female trailblazers from all over the world will represent several fields such as science, sports, law, medicine, fashion, politics, and entertainment.

Disney Video Series Honors International Day of the Girl
Emily Blunt will be a featured storyteller

Actress Emily Blunt and Robin Roberts will be included in this new video series. Other featured female storytellers will be professional athletes, entrepreneurs, physicians, an inspiring attorney for the hearing impaired, and even Shanghai Disneyland’s park art director, Leia Mi.

Do you love to Disney bound?  Who doesn’t?

Other exciting news along with this announcement is that Disney invites guests around the world from all of the different Disney parks to Disney bound in celebration of tomorrow’s International Day of the Girl in outfits inspired by their favorite female characters following each respective Disney resort attire guidelines.   So make sure to dress up tomorrow and post your outfits using #DreamBigPrincess on any of Disney’s social media sites.

Additionally, until November 20, 2018, for each like or share of a public video or photo with #DreamBigPrincess on Disney’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages, Disney Worldwide Services will donate $1.00 to the Girl Up United Nation’s Foundation program.

In this global campaign, Disney uses their power of remarkable storytelling once more to empower and inspire a new generation of trailblazers.


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