Disney World Quick Tips – What to do when it rains

What should I do if it rains while at Walt Disney World?

This is a question I am asked quite often. My family usually travels to Disney in the summer months (as do most families who have school-aged children).

Unfortunately, there are two constants with Orlando’s summer weather pattern:

  1. It will be HOT
  2. It will rain. I have never had a trip to Disney World where it didn’t rain.

Did I let it ruin our fun? HECK NO!!!

We have learned to embrace the rain at Disney over the years, and here’s how:

  • Rain is a Natural Crowd Reducer! The minute it starts raining, a lot of people immediately head toward the exits. But not us! We put on our rain gear (we buy before our trip to save money), and we stay at the parks.

The good thing about the rain in Orlando is that it is a warm rain, so if you don’t mind getting a little wet it isn’t uncomfortable, and you can still have a lot of fun!

  • Be Safe About It: Although Orlando does have pop up showers throughout the summer, it can also have some very severe weather. If a storm brings thunder and lightning, please remain indoors and take it seriously. The lightning can strike fast and furious, so be careful out there!

What to Do in the Rain?

  • Typically, the showers in Florida don’t last long, and they’re just pop up showers. In this case, we will shop around a bit, get a bite to eat, or enjoy a show in one of the indoor or covered arenas at the park.

If the day is going to be a total washout, you need to embrace it differently:

  • Ride a water ride! Hey, you are wet already, why not embrace it and just get a little more wet, right!?! We love riding Kali River Rapids or Splash Mountain in the rain. It heightens the experience for us. And my kids enjoy playing in the fountains at Epcot in the rain – they’re wet anyway, and may as well have some fun!
  • My favorite park for a rainy day is Epcot because of the many indoor activities like Innoventions East and West, where you can have fun inside without getting wet. If the forecast calls for rain the entire day, we always head to Epcot.

Don’t Let It Rain on Your Parade!

Some Disney World attractions close during storms or rain. The Fantasmic show at Hollywood Studios, for example, will cancel due to just a light rain (something to keep in mind when booking the Fantasmic Dinner Package ). Most of the parades will run if it’s raining lightly, but in a wash-out, they’ll be cancelled, too.

So, if you are headed to Orlando in the summer, expect a few showers here and there. But with the right attitude and the right game plan, you’ll still have a magical Disney vacation, come rain or shine!

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