Fantasmic! is the signature fireworks show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  This night time spectacular is a very popular show, and is one that is really not to be missed!  This show combines fireworks, live performers, water, fire, boats, and classic Disney animation!  It lasts about 25 minutes  and is full of pure entertainment.  You will see characters such as Mickey, Peter Pan, Snow White, Ariel, The Beast, Maleficent, Ursula, Captain Hook and Mr. Smee among others.

  • This show takes place in the Hollywood Hills Amphitheater.
  •  Try to arrive at least one hour in advance of show time. If two showings are offered, attend the second for more seat availability.
  • If you are seated near the front of the theatre, you may get wet and there are scenes that can be scary for small children, keep this in mind when you choose to attend.
  • The amphitheater can hold 6500 seated guests and an additional 2500 standing guests!

Quick Tip:  If you want to be guaranteed a seat at the show, look into the Fantasmic Dinner Package which ensures guests who dine at The Hollywood Brown Derby, Mama Melroses Ristorante Italiano, and Hollywood and Vine a ticket to the show so long as they arrive to the theater 30 minutes in advance.

For an unforgettable nighttime experience, classic Disney characters, and unmatched entertainment, visit Fantasmic!

Overall, we give Fantasmic an “A+”.


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11 thoughts on “Fantasmic!

  1. The wait time is worth it and if you have the dinner package, don’t be fooled, you still have to stand in a line and wait to get in, but you do at least get a guaranteed seat. It’s a great show, with so much to see and experience. The music, lights, choreography, fireworks, there is just so much for the eye to see. Really exhilarating! It could use a little reimagineering because it seems a little outdated, like there’s no big change to it, but it’s still a great spectacular in my book.

  2. This is the least of my favorite night shows and 1 I will not attend unless I have the dining package. I may do it, if I can FP + for it in the future. If you only go to WDW once in a lifetime then you need to see it once but for me once every year or 2 is plenty.

  3. This is an amazing show and it blows my mind that thy do it nightly. I love that you get to see so many of your favorite characters in the same place together. Make sure to get there early or you won’t get a good seat and you will be stuck behind some kid with 100 light up sticks flailing like crazy.

  4. This is a wonderful show of characters lights fireworks and entertainment!!!! This is by far a must on my list

  5. My absolute favorite show at Disney World. The last year we went it was rained out and I was so upset! Hoping to see it this september!

  6. Be on the lookout, Ive had our park house/show schedule change while we were in the parks before! Here’s hoping you get to see it! 🙂

  7. I think the best part of the entire show is the characters in the finale! And I found my pictures and video came out pretty good of this show, even on my little point and shoot camera!

  8. I have been a passholder for over 2 years now and I’ve yet to see this show!! I’m going to make it a “Must Do” on my next trip there in October!! Thanks for the highlights! I had no idea Peter Pan was in it…and I thought Maleficent only came out at Halloween!! Thanks for the tip!!

  9. Fantasmic seems like it would be a great show.  I’m hoping they add more show times for October so we will get a chance to see it!

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