Innoventions is a combination of the words Innovation + Invention…. so what else would you expect to see here besides upcoming and future technology and ideas that are changing the world?  There are exhibits for the whole family that change from time to time, but a few have held their ground including the wildly popular creation of your own thrill ride!  Another fan favorite seems to be the Segway area.   Also be sure not to miss half of the exhibits as Innoventions is split between East and West!

  •   Depending on what you fancy you may find yourself waiting your turn depending on how many people are currently looking to enjoy the area of Innoventions that you want to test out.  You may have to wait 5-10 minutes+ for certain attractions certain times of the day/year when its busiest.
  • For a fun way to teach your kids about fire safety, be sure to visit the “Where’s the Fire” exhibit.
  • Do you have a Disney VISA card?  If so, you’ll find your special Meet and Greet just for you here at Innoventions.
  • Learn how to design your own “thrill ride” and then test it out on the Sum of All Thrills.
  • Innoventions can get very loud and over stimulating.  Be ready to keep an eye on your little ones, and try to have a “plan” in mind if you travel with an older child who gets overstimulated.

You can spend as little or as long as you want in Innoventions.  Don’t forget to visit Club Cool where you can try Coke from around the world!  And if you visit at night, look down at the sidewalk.  There are fiberoptic lights lighting your way!  Innoventions is super cool for the science lover, curious child, or anyone who wants to try something new in your family.

Quick Tip:  Visit Innoventions when it is raining or during the hottest part of the day.  There’s plenty to keep you busy while waiting for the storm to pass!  

Ovearll, we give Innoventions an “A”.




2 thoughts on “Innoventions

  1. My kids really love innoventions, plus it gives us adults a chance to sit down. My son wore his fireman rain boots the day we were there so he was thrilled to have a fire engine to check out (19 months old at the time, so its fun for a variety of ages. Daughter was 8)

  2. Innoventions is awesome! We love to duck in here when it’s raining or too cold out. (We always go November-February, so it’s never been too hot). There’s something for everyone here!

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