Disney Skyliner the Most Magical Flight On Earth

Disney’s latest and most magical mode of transportation is set to take flight September 29th and we got to experience a preview. Disney’s Skyliner has in the span of one afternoon become a favorite way to get around the Walt Disney World Resort. We met up at the largest station and central hub, the Caribbean Beach Resort. Keep reading for all the must-have information on Disney’s Skyliner.

The Skyliner Stations and Routes

There are three main routes you can take from the station at the Caribbean Beach Resort. One route takes guests to the Riviera Resort with a connection to Epcot, a second goes right to Hollywood Studios, and the last brings guests to the station between the Art of Animation and Pop Century Resorts. Guests traveling from Epcot to Hollywood Studios will need to take the gondolas going to Caribbean Beach and then get off and transfer to the Hollywood Studios destination.

Each route has a different feel to it and the sights from each where so beautiful. The route to Art of Animation and Pop Century has guests gliding over water and the view towards the upcoming Riviera Resort are the highest on the Skyliner system. I recommend riding them all just for the amazing views of the resort.

There is also a brand new Joffrey’s Coffee located right in front of the new Caribbean Beach Resort station. There guests can enjoy the brand new Toffee Flight Latte and other treats before hitting the Skyliner.

The Gondola’s

The gondolas are actually a lot more spacious than I even imagined they would be. There are 300 gondolas on Disney’s Skyliner system. While the character gondolas are cute and may help block out sun during the heat of summer, they also obstruct your  view. The gondolas are vented at the top and I found them to be very breezy inside. Of course this is while gondolas are in flight. I know that’s a main concern especially with no actual a.c. in this Florida heat. The gondolas seat 10 people with two wooden benches. From what I’ve heard strollers will be treated like on the monorail and will not have to be folded up.

Take off and decent got a little bumpy but nothing overly concerning. I’m actually afraid of heights and when I sat in the center really enjoyed my ride. Now if guests have an extreme fear the Skyliner may not be the mode of transportation for you.

Disability and Special Assistance Loading

I was very impressed with the way they have the que set up for guests needing assistance. There are special handicap loading areas for each station. About every 14 gondolas one will slide to a special stationery area of the track so guests needing assistance are not rushed and can load at their own pace. While this is happening the remaining gondolas will not stop.

Final Thoughts

Disney’s Skyliner will be an new favorite mode of transportation for guests. It seems like even though guests can expect crowds with this new form of transportation they load very fast. I think it will still be quicker than waiting 20 minutes plus for a bus and then driving to your destination. Unlike bus transportation though the Skyliner will close for inclement weather. I would really love to see them expand to all the parks in the future.

The views were amazing and it was really an incredible way to travel. If you’re going to be visiting the Walt Disney World Resort soon I highly recommend riding when the Disney Skyliner takes flight.


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Susan Wilson