Disney DVD Review: Minnie’s Pet Salon On Sale Today!


I had the FUR-tastic opportunity to watch a pre-released copy of Minnie’s Pet Salon thanks to Chip and Co.! My 3 little Disney babies were so excited to watch it with me!

Minnie and our favorite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse pals (Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, Pete, Clarabelle, and of course the main mouse himself, Mickey!) get all their pets ready for Pluto’s All-Star Pet Show at Minnie’s Pet Salon!

They don’t all have the typical pets either, I won’t spoil it! Trust me, it’s funny! Goofy is the Pet Walker, Daisy’s in charge of the Dog and Cat Wash, Donald’s the Pet Groomer, Mickey trains the pets how to do tricks, and Pluto and Minnie are in charge of Pet-Sitting a bunch of kittens.

A few little problems pop up at Minnie’s salon, but her and Pluto work together to keep the salon running so that the Pet Show can go on! And in the end, Pluto gets a special medal for putting on the best pet show ever!

The other episodes on the DVD are all about animals as well, which my children love! Donald’s Ducks is their favorite. They thought little ducklings were SO cute. Even my 17 month old was pointing and quacking with them!

This DVD was everything we expected from a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD, including our favorite song, The Hot Dog Dance!

The only criticism I have is that “Toodles”, the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse helper, talks in some of the newer episodes and he doesn’t have a face or talk in the older ones! And, Minnie has a helper too, named “Quoodles.” My kids don’t mind, though, they love them all!

My daughter said her favorite part was the end of the episode where Minnie couldn’t decide to crown the winner of the Pet Show, and she chooses ALL of the wonderful pets to be winners!

Best of all, it comes with a free Exlcusive Pet Comb!

I highly recommend Minnie’s Pet Salon on DVD because it teaches children animal identification and sounds, importance of caring for their pets, shapes, colors, counting,  fairness and friendship. It teaches simple problem solving and teamwork too. Thank you, Chip and Co. for letting us review Minnie’s Pet Salon!

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