Disney Addicts Weekly Roundup for the week of February 15, 2021

We have almost made it through February and spring is right around the corner! It’s been a fun week of Disney news, tips, and tricks for us at Disney Addicts and Chip & Co. In case you missed any of our stories from this past week here is our Weekly Roundup!

5 Fun Facts about Disney’s Hall of PresidentsWith today being President’s Day, it is the perfect time to celebrate an attraction that, well, celebrates our nation’s presidents! Here are 5 fun facts you may not know about Walt Disney World‘s Hall of Presidents!

Disney Attraction Themed Little Golden Books are Coming Soon Many of us grew up on Little Golden Books. They’re a childhood classic and they marry with Disney stories perfectly. Stories like “Tangled” and “Peter Pan” have already been honored with their books, but recently another type of tale has joined the ranks: Disney rides! Keep reading to learn more about these upcoming Little Golden Books!

2 ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ Experiences coming to Animal Kingdom Two new ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ experiences are coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World. One is an animation experience and the other is a giant sand sculpture.

Happy 25th Birthday, Muppet Treasure IslandIn 1996, Muppet Treasure Island was released. If you haven’t seen this brilliant Treasure Island adaptation, be sure to add it to your ‘Must Watch’ list. Classic Muppet humor, swashbuckling pirates, and of course – a wonderful callback to the first Disney live-action film.

Can I Have my Groceries Delivered to my Walt Disney World Resort? A Walt Disney World vacation can be pricey. Many families save up for years to be able to visit the Most Magical Place on Earth. One way guests can save money is to purchase food from a grocery store rather than buy all of their food at the parks or resort. But that leaves the question, how do you get groceries to your resort?

Visit These Places to Learn About the Incredible History of Walt Disney There’s no denying that Walter Elias Disney left a huge legacy. He was an absolute pioneer of the American animation industry, an entrepreneur, and a dreamer. Today, everyone knows the name “Disney”. Walt Disney paved the way for so much. Guests often pay homage to him at the theme parks that bear his name, but there are other historic places where his legacy can be celebrated. Let’s take a look at some places to celebrate the life and legacy of Walt Disney- in theme parks and beyond.

Disney is Already Decorating EPCOT for the Flower & Garden Festival It’s almost time to surround yourself with gorgeous gardens and unique exhibits during Epcot Flower and Garden Festival at Walt Disney World! Starting on March 3 through July 5, 2021, this festival celebrates springtime with brilliant topiaries, fresh flavors, and lively entertainment plus much more! 

Disney’s Orange Bird: Fun Facts and History Have you ever wondered why the Orange Bird is such a popular character at Walt Disney World Resort? He’s just as popular as Epcot’s Figment character among Disney fans, but the character is nowhere to be found when it comes to attractions, movies, or TV series. Regardless, the bird is certainly an icon at the Orlando area Disney Parks. Just who is this mystery citrus-based bird? It turns out the bird has a rich history with both Disney and the state of Florida!

The World’s Most Magical Celebration Begins October 1st at Walt Disney World! The Most Magical Celebration on Earth begins on October 1st at Walt Disney World! 50 years ago, Walt Disney’s magical dream came true. His beloved Florida Project came to life and has been expanding ever since with new stories, characters, and adventures to cherish for a lifetime.

Should you Visit Disney during the 50th Anniversary Celebration? Yesterday Disney announced more information about the upcoming Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Celebration! Disney World will commemorate its 50th anniversary on October 1, 2021,

3 Disney World Rides That Will Be Changing Soon Walt Disney once said Disneyland will never be completed as long as there is imagination left in the world, this concept has ever since expanded all over The Walt Disney Company, including Walt Disney World. Things are always changing in the parks, whether is in shows, attractions, expansions, etc. Today we are going to talk about 3 Disney World rides that will be changing soon:

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