New Frozen & 101 Dalmatian Mugs Spotted at Disney Springs

101 Dalmatians and Frozen Mugs

Everybody has a Disney collection. It might be pins, purses, T-shirts, character signatures, or ear headbands, but if you’re a Disney fan, you’ve probably got a stash. I have mugs. From different Disney parks, of different Disney characters, some Starbucks ones, some travel mugs. It seems that Disney knows how much we love to be reminded of them with our morning cup of Joe. It also appears that I’m going to need a new shelving system because there are two new mugs at Disney Springs that I’m going to need.

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The new 101 Dalmatians mug is a nod to the original 1961 animated classic. Thunderbolt, the star of the puppies’ favorite television show, is featured on a mug that looks just like an old television set. Two dalmatian puppies form the handle. Whether you’re watching 101 Dalmatians or Thunderbolt or something totally un-canine, you’ll love drinking out of this nostalgic mug. Grab some Kanine Krunchies and enjoy!

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Another new mug that I love is the Frozen-themed Marshmallow mug. The body of the vessel is that lovably unlovable snow monster from the original Frozen film. He seems relatively happy in this form. Maybe because he knows your warm beverage won’t cause any melting! Four snowgies are piled on top of each other to form the handle. It’s exactly the type of mug I’d picture Olaf drinking cocoa from!

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Each mug costs $19.99 before tax or Annual Passholder discount. They can be found at World of Disney at Disney Springs. So which one will you be getting? Let us know in the comments!

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