Deadpool Creator Supports Lena Headey’s Interest in Playing Lady Deadpool

Deadpool Creator Supports Lena Headey’s Interest in Playing Lady Deadpool. In a recent interview, Game of Thrones star Lena Headey shared that she would love to play a character for Marvel, choosing Deadpool as her top pick. “Well, I’d love to play Deadpool. Obvs. Anyway, that’s been taken,” shared Lena.

With Ryan Reynolds currently holding that role it doesn’t seem likely that will happen, but there are plenty of other ways Headey could fulfill that dream! A lesser known Marvel character, Lady Deadpool, has yet to appear in the live-action films and would fit the bill if Marvel Studios was looking to explore more alternate dimensions in the MCU or the possibility of gender-bent roles for future stories.

“Wanda Wilson (Lady Deadpool) is from an alternate reality known as Earth-3010. Wade Wilson of Earth-616 met her while on a mission to return Headpool back to his home dimension. … Lady Deadpool is able to heal injuries such as slashes, puncture wounds, bullet wounds, and severe burns within moments.”

Though the character has minor appearances in Marvel comics, Lady Deadpool is a favorite choice among comic book cosplayers and is regularly seen at fan conventions. The untapped potential of the character could be useful in the Marvel films and series, and Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld agrees!

“Bring it on baby, bring it on!” Liefeld shared. “Bring it on. Lady Deadpool is fantastic. She’s ridiculously popular as well. Also slightly underused I think.” This is far from any confirmation, but it’s exciting to see interest from the content creator about the potential in a future Marvel film, though Liefeld is more concerned about the eventual release of Deadpool 3 than he is about introducing any new characters from his comics.

Liefeld didn’t shy away from blaming Marvel for the lack of information regarding the films release and production which seems to be laying in limbo while Marvel Studios fits in the newly acquired franchises of Deadpool and the X-Men in the “master plan” for the MCU.

“I blame Marvel…blame Marvel that that hasn’t happened yet,” Liefeld says. “They are the reason it isn’t happening. Whatever conundrum or it didn’t fit into your master plan, just commission it. Okay, commission it. You know if Frank Frazetta was still around, you would say, ‘Frank paint for me.’ “If Ryan isn’t making Deadpool 3 right now, that’s because Marvel hasn’t allowed it to be yet and that’s all I’m saying. So, do I have a lot of faith in that system? Dude, I have no idea. So this is where I’m not that, I’m not giving you the answers you want. I’m like yeah, yeah. Look if it happens, terrific. How old am I gonna be when that happens? And literally I used to be like, yeah, Mark Ruffalo, Hulk and Deadpool would make for a funny movie right? But, none of these guys are getting younger, right okay?”

Marvel Studios and Ryan Reynolds have been in talks and Reynolds went so far as to confirm a third Deadpool film in in the works, but has yet to reveal any details about the plot, position in the MCU timeline, or if Deadpool’s MCU debut will take place in DP3 or possibly in a different Marvel movie.

Regardless, we can’t wait for Deadpool 3 and know the character will find his way into the MCU somehow. We can’t wait to hear when production is fully underway! Be sure to check back here at Chip and Co. for all things Marvel.

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Source: ComicBook

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