‘Deadpool 3’ Writers Are Prepared For Deadpool’s MCU Crossover

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Deadpool 3‘ Writers Are Prepared For Deadpool’s MCU Crossover. Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are sign on and ready to go to pen the script for the currently untitled Deadpool 3. The two are raring to go, but with the acquisition of Fox by Disney, a few roadblocks has delayed the films production.

One of the burning questions from the merger was “Would Disney and Marvel even allow another Ryan Reynolds led Deadpool film to be released, and if so, would the film be allowed to produce rated-R content under the Disney umbrella?” Luckily for DP fans, the answer was yes and YES. Despite now being under Disney’s creative control, DP3 will have R-rated content and may even showcase Deadpool’s arrival into the MCU with an epic cross over.

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“[In regards to Deadpool 3] We’re in touch with Ryan,” Paul Wernick said. “We’ve got several projects with him. Moving forward, we’ve got 6 Underground on Netflix coming out in December with Ryan. Then, we’re rewriting Clue for him right now, which will hopefully shoot in the spring. We’ve got a few other things brewing with him, not including Deadpool, which will hopefully could come to the surface real soon.” Wernick continues, “Ryan’s our muse. We would do everything with Ryan, every single project, if we could,” Wernick says. “We just love him so much. He’s a brilliant actor and a dear friend. Yeah. When that text comes, we will open final draft and start with the title page of Deadpool 3.”

Co-Writer Rhett Reese was asked about the chances of Deadpool entering the MCU in his third film and Reese is more than excited at the possibility. “We definitely, we want to play in the sandbox,” Reese said. “One of the great things about the MCU is how rich and broad it is. For instance, just think about the world of villains, how great the world of villains are. We’re never able to use a lot of those villains because they were on the MCU. Well, now we can. So, right away, we’re definitely excited about getting the shot to do that. I think Ryan is too. I think the MCU people are too, just the idea of throwing Deadpool into the mix is exciting to them.”

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“I would not at all be shocked to see a really fun crossover that we’re taking advantage of of all the tools at our disposal and all the rich characters at our disposal,” Reese says.

Wether the “Merc with a Mouth” joins the MCU in Deadpool 3 or in another Marvel Film Crossover, such as the untitled  Spider-Man 3, we can’t wait to see the shenanigans that are in store. Which film would you like to see Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool join the MCU? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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