Buy your own Magic Band Scanner for at home!

magic band scanner for at home

Create your own magic and buy your own magic band scanner at home!

Is your magic band feeling a little unused? Well, have no fear you can buy your OWN Magic Band Scanner for your home! 

magic band scanner for at home

The website Props88 has created magic band scanners that work like the ones in the park and you can even customize the light color after you scan your magic band. 

They have over 50 designs for you to choose from!

Check out this video of a few in action!

You can order one on their Etsy site or request to have one made on their website but be warned the prices are a little high at around $349 plus shipping, but honestly, that is a steal for a working Magic Band Scanner for your home!

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Click here to check out all of their designs for sale! 


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