Thomas Kinkade Marvel Collection coming soon

Thomas Kinkade Marvel Collection

Here’s a Marvelous teaser for you, there’s a Thomas Kinkade Marvel collection coming soon and the excitement is too real. 

Thomas Kinkade Studios recently announced their newest collaboration with Marvel Comics! Together they will be creating a collection of fine art inspired by comic book character favorites.

Thomas Kinkade was known as the “Painter of Light” and shared his creative process and techniques with artists during his career. 

Thomas Kinkade Marvel

Currently, Thomas Kinkade Studios applies those same techniques in their works today and will be using them for this newest series with Marvel Comics. They will bring world-famous heroes and villains to life in Limited Edition Art. In the coming weeks, they’ll be unveiling their collaboration so be sure to sign up here to be a Thomas Kinkade Studios Marvel Insider. 


All I can say is that this might be one of the best collaborations since Nick Fury decided to bring the Avengers together and I can’t wait to see it! 


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