Broadway Disney’s The Lion King and Frozen Have Been Put on Ice Due to COVID-19

Under direct instruction from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Broadway has closed down their plays. This includes the current hit musicals, Disney’s The Lion King and Frozen have been put on ice due to the Covid-19 health risk.  The shows will be canceled for a month’s duration at this time. From March 12- April 12th as of right now. The Governor has put a ban in place making any gathering of 500 people or more be shut down. So Broadway has now shut down all of its productions for the time being.

“You don’t want to shut down society because that’s massively disruptive — to the economy, to life, etc. But your main concern here is the public health crisis, and it’s balancing the two.” -Gov. Cuomo, He shared these thoughts during a press conference this past Thursday, It has also been announced many music venues have also temporarily closed their doors. Which came just in time as an usher for two Broadway shows was just tested positive for the coronavirus. So what may seem like large measures to take at this time were the necessary ones as it could have potentially been spread through the entire Theater District if not for being shut down.

This follows major news the Disney World and Disneyland will be closed down for the rest of March as well.  The matter of everyone’s safety and welfare far outweigh the risks right now. Follow up with Chip and Co as we keep you informed of these closures and info based on Covid-19. Stay well.

Photos/Source Courtesy: Disney

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Jenna-lee Languirand