Scentsy Brings Honor To Us All With The Mushu Scentsy Buddy

What do we want? A Scentsy Buddy worth fighting for! Luckily we won’t have to fight for it, because a new Mushu Scentsy Buddy is coming soon! Mulan’s Mushu joins The Disney Collection from Scentsy, as well as a new Scentsy fragrance on Monday March 16th!

Mushu has been summoned to the Scentsy family, so that now he can be your personal guardian! This new Scentsy Buddy has some very dragony details! His cute little notched ear, his spiky tail, cute clawsand even the scales on his back are all there! He also sports some very shiny gold accents that make him shimmer like the grand guardian he is!

Each Mushu will also come with a preselected Scent Pak in the fragrance designed just for him. That’s right, the “Not Your Everyday Dragon” fragrance! Sweet papaya nectar, juicy mango and a delicate touch of red ginger flower will feed your guardian spirit. This fragrance will also be available separately as a Scent Pak or Scentsy Bar.

Mushu and the scents will be available in these options:

  • Mushu – Scentsy Buddy with a Not Your Everyday Dragon Scent Pak – $35
  • Not Your Everyday Dragon – Scent Pak – $7.50
  • Not Your Everyday Dragon – Scentsy Bar – $6.50

Mushu and Not Your Everyday Dragon will be available while supplies last! They will be available on March 16th starting between 9:30 AM and 10:30 AM. PST. So don’t miss out, you don’t want to bring dishonor on your cow!

Will you be adding the Mushu Scentsy Buddy to your collection?

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