Boeing Confirms Joining the Force to Build Flying X-Wings

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Boeing Confirms Joining the Force to Build Flying X-Wings

On the opening day of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance the X-Wings appeared in front of a huge crowd.  Guests were in awe of the X-wings and recently Boeing confirmed their hand in building the flying X-Wings.

Recently after shots of the X-Wings surfaced, media started to speculate.  The media felt the X-Wings, which are roughly the size of a family van, appeared to be based on Boeing’s Cargo Air Vehicle (CAV) drone.  After reaching out for clarification, Alison Sheridan, a communications official for Boeing’s future-technology NeXt initiative, stated the following: “We can confirm that those were Boeing aircraft that flew last night at the Rise Of The Resistance dedication, and we were excited to be part of their event, but that’s all we’re sharing right now.”

Although we are unsure how the collaboration between Disney’s Imagineering team and Boeing came to be, we are grateful for it nonetheless.  This collaboration also showcases a very novel application of one of Boeing’s still experimental future-facing aerospace technologies. Flying a pair of CAVs in a highly modified form.   Showcasing this technology at a very high-profile event in association with one of the world’s largest brands and entertainment franchises speaks to the stability and maturity of the CAV design.

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is open officially open in Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World and is set to open at Disneyland on January 17, 2020.

Check out our Sneak-Peek of the attraction below.

Take a look at the X-Wings in action during the opening ceremony of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance below.

Source: The Drive

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