Be prepared for the Scar Cupcake at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Be prepared for the Scar Cupcake at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Are you prepared? Well, you better be! Be prepared for the new Scar Cupcake at Disney’s Animal Kingdom- it’s one you won’t want to miss! 

This Scar cupcake is a red velvet cake with marshmallow filling, a marshmallow chocolate frosting, and topped with white chocolate flames, chocolate pebbles, and an edible Scar image. 


Be prepared for the Scar Cupcake at Disney's Animal Kingdom

You can get this specialty cupcake for $6.38 at a few different locations- Creature Comforts, Restaurantosaurus, or Flame Tree Barbecue. 


The cake itself was rich but not too intense, and having red velvet paired with marshmallow filling and frosting- it was such a delight and really set the mood for the spooky season that is upon us! Maybe it was because it was the first day these cupcakes had arrived but it was so fresh and had a perfect bite- definitely a Halloween treat you can’t miss. 

The Scar Cupcake is just one of many new Fall treats popping up at Walt Disney World. To see more of the fall treats coming to Disney World just click here.

We were lucky enough last week to check out a few of the fall items early:

Happy Fall!

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