Is the Writer’s Stop in Hollywood Studios closing?


Hey there guys and gals it is I, Anonymouse! I am back with some sad but inevitable Disney Gossip.

Word on the street is that Disney is going to be closing the Writer’s Stop in Hollywood Studios. You might remember back in March we reported that it was going to remain open along side all the construction in the back-lot area. It looks like now the Writer’s Stop days are numbered. I am hearing that it will be closing as early as this week. I hear September 25th or 26th.

No word on what will be happening to the building or if those delicious Carrot Cake Cookies will be available elsewhere.

Honestly I did not expect that shop to remain open that much longer. It is tucked away back behind Sci-Fi Dine-In and not many people knew about the delicious coffee, yummy treats, and the comfy chairs you could relax in.

As always nothing is official till Disney says it is.

That is all the Disney gossip I have for now. For my past gossip articles be sure to check them out here. Got any good gossip/rumors please email me at or on my Facebook page

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