World of Color Won’t Return Until Next Year

It has been speculated that the fan favorite the World of Color might be back in time for the holiday season, but on Tuesday, December 18th Disney California Adventure confirmed that the popular show won’t return until next year. The show has been dark since April when it is believed an unexpected incident occurred during routine maintenance for the show.

The World of Color is an approximate 22-minute-long show that’s based on the idea behind “Fantasia” and tells a story through amazing color, projections, and sound on the backdrop of 1,200 musical fountains that shoot water anywhere from 30-feet to 200-feet in the air.  High definition images are projected throughout the show with the help of 28 projectors, 14 of which are submersible.  The show finds its home on the Pixar Pier lagoon, where it entertains guests nightly and has quickly become one of the most popular shows to date at California Adventure Park.

Although Disney has not publicly stated why the show went dark in April, there are many speculations surrounding the shows closing.  Many of which revolve around an electronic control panel that was left open during routine maintenance and the platform it’s located on was submerged destroying the computer.

World of Color Won't Return Until Next Year

Since the show’s closing in April, the lagoon has sat partially emptied exposing the musical fountains while repairs have taken place.  It wasn’t until recently the lagoon was filled again so that the fountains were submerged and no longer visible to park guests, giving hope of the shows return.  Whatever incident took place it has taken Disney some time to repair the $80 million light show and it appears they are not finished just yet but are hopeful the show will return within the next several months.

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