The Grinch was spotted at a Florida Mall in November!

Grinch was spotted at a Florida Mall

The Grinch was spotted at a Florida Mall in November!

That sneaky Grinch is at it again! This time the Grinch was spotted at a Florida Mall!  He was found hanging out in a living poster!  Could you imagine? You are just minding your own business, doing your holiday shopping, then BAM! The Grinch starts talking to you from right inside a poster!!  I’m not sure how I would react!

For two weeks in early November the Grinch came to life in a living poster to spread the news about the events and activities at Holidays at Universal Orlando Resorts!  Aww, the Grinch does have a heart!  He was spreading Christmas cheer for all to hear!  Or maybe he is just trying to get everyone to come visit him during his event, The Grinchmas Who-liday Spectacular?  That sneaky Grinch!  You can watch the hilarious reactions of unsuspecting shoppers below!

The Grinch wasn’t done though!  Now that he had convinced shoppers to visit him until January 6th at Universal’s Islands of Adventure he felt he needed to help more.  He decided to spread more cheer by helping out at the Vacation Call Center!  I am not sure how much “helping” he did.  He seemed to cause more mischief rather than work.  However, he did bring along some of his Whoville friends!  They didn’t do much help either.  It’s the thought that counts right?!

Since there is only a few weeks left before January 6th, which is still plenty of time to still visit him by the way, we don’t think he will be up to no good for too much longer!  However, we would still caution you to continue to be aware of your surroundings.  You never know when he might pop back up!

Source: Universal Orlando Resort, Close UP.

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