Will Universal bring back Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle This Fall?

With the recent announcement that Universal has canceled Halloween Horror Nights we are left with questions about Dark Arts at Hogwarts. In past years, fall brought out the Death Eaters and spooky shows at the Wizarding World.

The Dark Arts At Hogwarts was filled with green lights and fog machines. The Death Eaters patrolled Hogsmeade looking for followers of Lord Voldemort. It was really amazing to see them roaming around. They would even go into shops like Honeydukes!

Universal released their Summer Playbook and mentioned the Dark Arts returning but now that seems up in the air. We recently asked Universal if they had word that Dark Arts would return and we got a vague answer back.

We really hope they can find a way to have some spooky entertainment and still follow the new park guidelines. If not we will await the return of the Dark Arts and Death Eaters at Hogwarts Castle.


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Susan Wilson