Honeydukes Mini Chocolate Frog Cupcake Is A Must Try

One of my favorite shops at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is Honeydukes. It’s exactly how I imagined it would be reading the books and it smells amazing inside. The music really makes the entire atmosphere. While roaming around we found the most adorable cupcake complete with a mini chocolate frog!

This is a pretty good size vanilla cupcake and has hot pink frosting and lime green pearl candy to complete the Honeydukes theme. You can find this at the counter near the checkout. It was $6.00 before our annual pass discount.

This fun cupcake usually comes with a cute pink napkin but they were out. We love the look. It really is Honeydukes in a cupcake. The mini chocolate frog is such a great touch. The cupcake itself was a plain vanilla but a decent size and still delicious.

Honeydukes is located at the Islands of Adventure side of Universal Orlando. It’s inside of Hogsmeade and definitely a shop to check out.

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Susan Wilson