Will Luke Skywalker Make an Appearance in ‘The Mandalorian’?

Will Luke Skywalker Make an Appearance in ‘The Mandalorian’? WARNING: This post contains MAJOR SPOILERS for The Mandalorian Chapter 13: The Jedi. If you do not wish to know any spoilers about the episode we recommend you stop reading past this point. Thank you!

The latest episode of The Mandalorian left fans eager for more after the appearance of Ahsoka Tano, the revealed name for The Child (hint: it’s not Baby Yoda), and the first mention of a dastardly villain in the live-action Star Wars stories.

In the episode, Ahsoka Tano wastes no time establishing her intentions to “The Magistrate,” who has been treating her citizens with cruelty for some time, saying she has one day to offer the information she seeks or else. As instructed by Bo-Katan, Din Djarin (Mando) and The Child go and seek out Ahsoka Tano for some answers and to get The Child to safety. Upon arrival to the planet Corvus, Din is brought to The Magistrate who offers him a priceless artifact in exchange for hunting down Ahsoka, despite this giving Din all the information he needs to complete his own mission and the promise of a solid piece of Beskar weaponry to boot. After a brief and unfriendly encounter, Ahsoka helps Din to better communicate with The Child and shares that his name is Grogu. Yes. Grogu.

Ahsoka even shares information with him regarding Grogu’s past stating that he was trained by many Jedi Masters at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant including Master Yoda, who we know to be of the same species as Grogu. Grogu was smuggled out of the Temple during the end of the Clone Wars and left stranded for years to survive on his own until he met Din Djarin (Mando). In exchange for helping Mando and Grogu, Din offers to help Ahsoka in her own mission, pending she teaches Grogu how to use his abilities properly.

Ahsoka offers another piece to the puzzle that will help Mando to get Grogu where he needs to be, but refuses to teach him herself due to the parallel Grogu has to her previous Jedi Trainer, Anakin Skywalker. She reveals Grogu has grown attached to him (Din) and that can lead Grogu down a path of darkness, similar to Anakin, but without naming names of course. Ahsoka also reveals whom she is seeking in her own quest asking The Magistrate “Where is Grand Admiral Thrawn?” Of course, we do not learn Thrawn’s location at this time, but Star Wars fans should immediately recognize where this may be going…

There is a ton of speculation at the moment, so take this with a grain of salt, BUT there is a good chance that if Grogu reaches out with the Force to find a Jedi Master to train him he very well could get an answer from Luke Skywalker himself. It’s well established that after the fall of the Empire Luke works to bring back The Jedi Order and takes on several padawans to teaches them the ways of the force far before Ben Solo’s induction to his teachings. Making it very likely that Luke, or someone in touch with the Young Jedi Master, will come to Grogu to lead him on his new path.

There are some glaring logistical concerns about how the series could go about this, the primary concern being Mark Hamill has stated he is done playing Luke Skywalker for Star Wars films and the amount of cgi rending that would be needed to make him appear as young as he was at the end of Episode 6, but The Rise of Skywalker revealed it is possible. Another possibility is a recasting for the iconic role, with many fans pulling for Marvel’s Sebastian Stan (The Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes) to play the role as Sebastian Stan does share a striking resemblance to a younger Hamill when given a blonde set of locks.

Regardless of how the story plays out, if Luke Skywalker ISN’T the Jedi to respond to Grogu’s reach… then who is?

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