Walt Disney World to add FastPass option for FastPass machines

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Just days after revealing a new FastPass option for Mickey Mouse meet-and-greets at the Magic Kingdom, Chip and Co. has the scoop on a yet-to-be announced addition to Disney’s popular FastPass (FP) service.

No longer will guests have to wait in the long lines to get a FastPass to their favorite attractions. To help reduce the long lines guests may face waiting to get a FP ticket, Walt Disney World will offer a Fast Pass option for obtaining a Fast Pass. You heard it here first – soon you will be able to stand in a line to get a Fast Pass for a Fast Pass!

When asked about the program, a Disney Cast Member, who will remain Anonymouse said, “I’ve never heard of it, wait who are you again?”

Although Disney has yet to confirm its existence, Chip and Co. has heard the Fast Pass service will be called the “FastPass for FastPass,” or “FP 4 FP” – because abbreviations with numbers always sound more cutting edge and cooler.

These “FP 4 FP” tickets provide a one-hour window when guests can return and stand in another special Fast Pass line to score their actual FP ticket. Once that regular FP window opens, guests can finally enter the FP line to the attraction.

Disney anticipates that “FP 4 FP” will help manage lines and prove popular with guests for whom waiting in line is an essential part of the Disney magic. By offering “FP 4 FP,” guests will be able to spend more time in different lines, thus adding variety to a Walt Disney World vacation.

“FP 4 FP” will also allow guests to spend more time enjoying other Magic Kingdom experiences – such as souvenir shopping and eating Mickey ice cream bars – instead of the attractions themselves.

Chip and Co. asked some Disney fans what they thought of “FP 4 FP.”

Disney blogger Dana Howze, who logs long internet hours, said, “Sounds cool – but when can I get online FastPasses?”

Disney runner Jennifer Dreispul Lissak had other concerns. “What I really want to know is how do I get a FastPass for the corrals at the Walt Disney World marathon?

Some random guy named Chip had this to say, “42, wait what we talking bout”?

No firm date has been set for the implementation of “FP 4 FP,” but Chip and Company expects it to be some time soon after the Wizarding World of Harry Potter relocates to the new Fantasyland expansion.

Chip and Co. would be interested in hearing in what you think of  “FP 4 FP.” Or what you think about the FastPass for meeting Mickey Mouse Disney has actually announced or Tom Staggs’ announcement about Disney’s long-term plans to allow guests to reserve ride times at home.

Remember, with a Chip and Co. Scoop – you heard it here first. (And maybe only here.)


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