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    Misty Mc

    My family are a herd of huge P&F fans.  Hats, t-shirts, bed sheets, checks in the checkbook, name labels for school stuff, etc.  Would love that soundtrack.  It’s my missing “My Nemesis” which is one of my personal faves, but the song list is still wicked.  I wish the Platybus would come somewhere close to Dallas.  Knowing my luck, I’ll be running late for work and the bus will drive by us going the other way in traffic.  At least I’ll be ready with my camera phone.  But where’s Perry?

  2. 2

    Lynn Green Brooks

    My kids would the music CD and so would I.  We all love Phenieas & Ferb.  Having Slash in a video with them would be awesome, even though my kids have no idea who Slash is LOL.

  3. 1

    Lori Batronis

    P&F are the best. My son watches the episodes over and over. Will need to get this one and add the music to my Disney playlist on my phone. Fun!!

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