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  1. 9

    Janice Stewart

    We purchased our brick back in 1994, one of the first ones because it is close to the gray/white ones. Contract stated 10 years. It was bound to happen. My brick has deteriorated but not as much as the others nearby. Taken many pics of our brick, made magnets and created a mousepad.

  2. 8


    Ok but WHEN is this happening? My grandparents who are no longer with us have a brick there – my sister and I are planning to go back to Disney in January and I’d love to at least see it in its proper place one final time 🙁

  3. 7

    Debra Brodsky

    I don’t recall getting any information that the brick we purchased had an expiration date. I only recall the cast member mentioning that during a certain length of time ( like 5 years ), damaged bricks would be replaced, but after a certain date after purchase any damaged bricks would be removed. That didn’t include damage caused by Jackhammers by Disney. If there was a clause in the paperwork we did receive I wish the Cast Member would have made that clear. The Brick we purchased was a Wedding Anniversary Gift for our parents. While we lost Dad a number of years ago, Mom who just turned 100, hoped to go back to Disney to see both their Brick and their Epcot Leave a Legacy. This is extremely disappointing.

  4. 6

    Gary Roark

    Give me 10 minutes with a pry bar and I can save them the trouble of destroying our brick that’s been a part of our Disney experience for 25 years. Not cool at all Disney!

  5. 5


    Sad day. My dad purchased a brick for his family as a legacy. My parents are no longer with us. This was one way their light continued to shine as they loved WDW. Not a good thing Disney

  6. 4

    Louis Martens

    This is very upsetting. It would only take me 15 minuets to get my brick out of the ground. They should at least give us the option.

  7. 3

    Kristy Knapp Secord

    This is sad… We purchased the bricks initially – and not a small price – now we should pay again. The least you could do is pay for the shipping for those who Can’t get down there.

  8. 2

    Debbie P

    Also would like to know if all the bricks are being demolished ? I have one on pathway between Contemporary and Magic Kingdom closer to Magic Kingdom. Why are they doing this?

  9. 1


    There is a cast member circle right in front of the train station for the bricks. Are these also being impacted?

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